As architects we have defined our practice with the following four points of our mission statement:

  • APPROPRIATE SOLUTIONS: Every Project is unique. The individual owner's needs, aesthetics, budget and time frame must be examined. The solutions must take into consideration all aspects of each owner's unique set of circumstances and will be tailored to meet these needs.
  • TECHNICALLY COMPETENT: Once the appropriate design solution is determined, the project must be developed in a manner that assures success. Whether a project is a new building or the renovation of an existing structure it shall be developed and detailed in a way that assures the owner's needs are meet.
  • TEAMWORK: Every project requires involvement from more than one person. Expertise and innovation is brought into a project when diverse individuals are brought together to form a team. Teams are required for small simple projects as well as the more complex projects. Teams generally consist of the owner, members of the firm, outside consultants and the contractors. Outside team members bring in expertise in the areas of engineering, specialized planning and specialized productions methods.
  • ETHICS: Every project must be completed in an ethical manner not only for the client, but also for all people impacted by the client. Fair treatment of all parties involved in each project and public well being is of the highest importance.